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Nutrition for runners If you are an ardent runner then you are not unfamiliar with the all the trials to be fit and fast. In spite of all the best efforts, runners are faced with some inevitable challenges. Here is an attempt to summate the possible reasons with suggestions to overcome them. STOMACH DISCOMFORT Cause: Meals eaten hours prior can affect a run. The following factors can contribute to gastric distress. ·Caffeine ·High fiber found in whole grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits with skin and seeds ·Fructose (fruit) ·Lactose ( milk ) intake before or too close to a run ·Spicy food ·Overdrinking water ·Alcohol ·Consuming concentrated carbohydrate fluids during a run Caution: Nutrition goals Fuel the run with right choice of food and fluids. Before the run ·Taper training a couple of days before ·Carb loading 1-2 days prior to the run helps to increase glycogen stores in liver and muscles that will help to sustain the run. ·Consuming extra curd r…

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