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The evolving young professional is burning out yet not burning adequate calories!
Working hard at job and seldom on  the mind and body with persistent rush, lengthy hours,  lack of time, immobility, constant stress, irregular meal timings, fast food, an overdose of sugar and caffeine have without surprise manifested as hyperacidity, constipation, obesity, hypertension, prediabetes and other lifestyle disorders.

Bond with Breakfast:
A hearty breakfast of slow burning starches that keeps steady blood glucose to sustain the demands of brain and body propels productivity with an additional bonus to remain thin! The deadly duo of unpolished grain with protein packed choices-skim milk, eggs spurs alertness as its amino acid- tyrosine synthesizes happy hormone dopamine, while vitamin B 12 regulates energy.

Break for lunch:
Eating out makes you fat. Period! Research proves cook more and lose pounds for sure. Carrying food from home is a proven recipe for weight loss. Several surveys indicate a majority of employees either eat at their desk or do not eat at all. Splurge on vegetables.  An antidote to ailments, veggies with high fiber prevent rapid blood sugar rise. Green leafy vegetables contribute iron and shield fatigue. Opt for oily fish ( omega 3) that benefit brain and immunity. Eating away from your worktable with peers offers ‘mindful eating’ that helps to shrink expanding waistlines. A satiating meal can thwart unnecessary nibbling afterward.  Do remember to step out for a stroll  to soak some sun for vitamin D to bolster bone and brain.

Snack sensibly:
Stash aside, biscuits, chips, puffs, samosas and bajjias. Out of sight is out of mind. Keep as far from undesirable titbits. To be more productive inculcate eating less and mostly fresh. Vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, cucumber, raddish) pitch potassium that eases blood pressure while seasonal fruits intensify immunity with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants.
Opt for roasted channa / chickpeas that yield potassium and magnesium which improve nerve impulse transmission and relaxes the blood vessels. Low fat curd is recommended over commercial fruit yogurt which has an additional sugar burden.  Stock office drawer with cashewnuts, brazil nuts, plush in stress busting selenium which is also a natural mood enhancer. Assorted nuts or trail mix is teeming with magnesium ( anti-stress mineral) and energy boosters- vitamin B6 and B 12. Seeds as pumpkin, offer zinc, apart magnesium which improves concentration.
Guarana, small red fruit is packed with theophylline and theobromine that helps to stabilize the afternoon slump. Dark chocolate’s theobromine  exalts mood, lowers stress hormone cortisol and improves brain action - cognition and helps relax with its magnesium contribution. Whole grain crackers or kakras ( made at home) are convalescent choice over cream biscuits and chips. Consciously steer clear of processed foods with synthetic additives, artificial colorings, dyes, and flavor, aspartame, MSG.

Become beverage brilliant:
Dehydration zaps energy. The air-conditioning may further reduce thirst.  Coffee, tea and aerated beverages- coke dwell on its stimulating effect to perk up energy.  Restrict to less than 2 cups of coffee as it adversely affects bone health and sleep quality. Eliminate or drastically reduce sugar. Choose coconut water, jeera pani and herbal teas. The catechins of green tea are mood enhancers too. It’s superfluous to quote the importance of adequate plain water.

Downsize dinner:  
Cooking after a long day’s work can be very dissuading. Plan to have your pantry shelved with easy to assimilate a simple balanced dinner lest concoct from carry forwards that you’ve refrigerated from lunch.

Travel taboos:
Refrain from eating buffets, even if it’s complimentary. Order A la carte or restrict to a balanced meal with consistent portions of salads, lentils/white meat and whole grains.  Plan to carry packets of portable assorted nuts, seeds, dried fruit or dry fruits. If you nibble off the shelf, while on the move, consciously read and understand food labels with serving size to avoid surplus calories, especially from all forms of sugar and hydrogenated fats.

Aim to move every half hour, as sitting is synonyms to smoking. Devote time for daily exercise and sleep sound to slash stress hormone to rejuvenate and bounce back to berth.  

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