Mindful eating for weight loss during diwali


Mindful eating for #weightloss during #Diwali

Diwali is dwelling among deities, diyas, delicacies, dozens of sweets in dollops of ghee and sugar. Binging all day coupled with late night partying and alcohol can send yearlong fitness plans spiraling down before welcoming New Year.

The following tips will help you cultivate mindful eating this festive season to avoid weight woes.

Be Organized
Plan your menus and meals in advance to distribute calories uniformly throughout the day. Focus on a few light meals to compensate for the heavy with festive choices.

Feed on several food groups
Incorporate balanced meals including whole grains, pulses, low fat dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Split calories
Be attentive to distributing food into smaller meals and snacks. Consume a healthy snack of 100 – 200 kcals, ideally fruit, vegetable or protein based if you are heading out for a Diwali dinner.

Plan Portions
Appreciate quality over quantity. Be meticulous to not eat out of a box, share a meal or splurge from the common platter while engrossed in the card game.

Pre-plating guarantees calorie cutting. Choose a smaller plate. Avoid over-crowding and opt for just a few items that will help to consume less food.

Act with awareness
Mindful eating is to savor the aroma, texture, feel and color of the food. Chew adequately between 30 – 50 times and rest your cutlery between swallowing and food bites. Making conversations between bites also cuts calories. Tune in to restore the digestive process to alleviate digestive distress as flatus and abdominal cramps.

Sanctum Sanctorum
Designate a peaceful place to eat your meals. Sit down in the same place, in the same room, if possible.

Tame the time
Stretch eating to over at least 20 minutes for the body mind connection to signal fullness, as the gut reflex takes about that duration to register with the brain. Once eaten get up from the table, as lingering will enhance calorie intake. Also make sure to clear the table of food to refrain from second helpings.

Care for cooking method
Choose recipes that are low in calories such as boiling, steaming, sautéing, roasting, grilling, baking or poaching.

Be sweets savvy
Opt for natural or roasted nuts, nut based sweets, dry fruits with honey or even chocolate ( dark) coated nuts, til laddus over conventional sweets soaked in refined flour, ghee, vansapathi and sugar. Milk based sweets like pedas or rosagulla instead of deep fried ones can shelve plenty of calories.

Snack smart
Choose protein rich snacks like homemade trail mix, smoothie before heading out, that will curb appetite and prevent over eating. Roasted and baked varities of nuts, seeds and namkeens are handy options too

Become beverage brilliant
Diwali without a drink?
Alcohol once absorbed from the small intestine, it cannot be stored in the body. It is carried to the liver where it is metabolized and oxidized, influenced by several factors – drinking pattern, food eaten, the kind of alcoholic beverage and even gender and race. Excessive alcohol intake thus converts to fats that will pave way for weight gain. Research also suggests alcohol consumption prior to meal increases caloric intake testifying surreal appetite. Sip light, or opt for a non-alcoholic drink, preferably even water at regular intervals !

Axe artificial sweetener
To satisfy the sweet tooth, weight watchers and diabetics may be tempted with appealing aspects to cut calories by consuming sweets with sugar substitutes. Using a calorie free, sugar free substitute, does not make the sweet ‘calorie free’ and indulgence in sweets will still lead to weight gain. Restrict and moderate the consumption of anything unnatural as it is not free from side effects and toxicity. Even better eat smaller portions of healthier sweets or choose fresh fruit based desserts.

Compatible companion
Chug along to the Diwali party with a comrade who is a light eater, conscious and compelling. The outcome will be guaranteed lesser intake of food. Even better exercise together to wean off the reminiscence of piled calories.

Say No
Despise affection portrayed through food. This festive season, practice to gain mastery in being polite yet firm.

Food is so integral to the fervor of festival of lights. Focus on balance, forgo fasting and feasting!

Illuminate your health with renewed choice of food to win over evil !

This #Diwali, dazzle with deeper diet discretion

Happy #Deepawali !!


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